Pool Closing Packages

Even though the pool season may be over, end of season is the most important time to take care of your pool! Properly closing your pool ensures that any unnecessary problems and costly repairs are avoided at the start of next season.

Pool Doctors offer three different competitively priced pool closing packages, all of which include a storage bin to ensure nothing is misplaced for the next pool season. End the pool season stress-free by choosing Pool Doctors to complete your pool closing!

Elite Closing Package: $300 + HST

Leave all the work to our professionals by choosing the Pool Doctors’ Elite Closing Package! We start by draining the pool to just below the return jets (the winterizing level). We remove circulation equipment and winterize lights, as well as prepare the system for winterizing, including shocking the pool. We take special care while blowing out the underground plumbing and pool system with our powerful air blower to ensure all water lines are clear and dry. We then secure the winter cover.


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Partial Closing Package: $250 + HST

With Pool Doctors’ Partial Closing Package, we start by removing circulation equipment, as well as winterizing the lights. To prepare the pool system for winterizing, we will blow out underground plumbing with a high-powered air blower. Our technicians will also shock your pool and stabilize the water chemistry. Finally, we install your winter cover properly and expertly.


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Blow Lines Only Package: $130 + HST

Do you want to partially take care of the pool closing procedures, but leave the rest to the professionals? If so, Pool Doctors’ Blow Lines Only Package is the solution for you! Besides removing the circulation equipment and winterizing the lights, our pool technicians will prepare your pool system for winter. Most importantly, we will expertly winterize your plumbing lines. We take our time to ensure this important step is done correctly. Not only will it prevent freezing damage, but associated costly repairs will also be avoided. We will also install your winter cover for you.


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Prevent Unpleasant Surprises in the Spring!

By having Pool Doctors close your pool, rest assured that we’ve done the best we can to ensure there are no surprises when you open your pool in the spring! When we close your pool, we spend time making sure your pool system is in the best condition and point out any problems that we find. Our professional recommendations make your spring pool opening go as smoothly as possible.

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Have a certain day that you want your pool closed? Our office staff will work closely with you to choose a day that works best for your schedule. Book your pool closing today to avoid disappointment! Our Reputation Speaks for Itself!

Pool Doctors has years of experience designing, building and servicing pools in the Halton-Peel and Muskoka-Collingwood regions. We have earned a solid reputation in the pool industry for consistently providing professional, prompt service while creating and maintaining dream backyards. Remove the stress from the end of the pool season by calling Pool Doctors today to book your pool closing!


We've used Pool Doctors for our pool opening and closing for a couple of years now. The service they provide is exceptional and they are in a different league to other companies we've used. They are so thorough in their work and we'll be sticking to these guys from now on. Thanks Terence, Brandon and team!
- Beth