Pool Opening Packages

Why struggle with opening your own pool, when Pool Doctors’ team of professionals can easily and efficiently complete the task? Our experienced team of pool specialists do not include sub-contractors, which ensures that each pool opening will meet Pool Doctors’ high standards. By choosing Pool Doctors to complete your pool opening, rest assured knowing that your pool will be ready for the season ahead!

Pool Doctors’ Expert Team has Years of Experience

Pool Doctors’ three different package types offers you various levels of assistance with getting your pool summer-ready. Regardless of the package you choose, Pool Doctors’ years of experience opening pools will ensure your pool opening goes quickly and smoothly!

Elite Opening Package: $300 + HST

Take all the headache and work out of opening your pool this season by choosing the Pool Doctors’ Elite Opening Package! As part of this package, not only do we remove any water and debris from the cover, but we also fully clean and deodorize the cover. Your cover will be folded and bagged, ready for storage.

The pool itself will have its scum line cleaned and its pool system, circulation equipment and lighting reinstalled. The deck’s perimeter will be power washed and any deck equipment will also be reinstalled. Besides shocking the pool, we will start up the pool system and confirm that it’s fully operational for the season.


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Safety Cover Package: $275 + HST

If you own a safety cover, we have the perfect solution for you when opening your pool! Choose the Pool Doctors’ Safety Cover Package, which includes power washing and deodorizing your safety cover. We will also get your cover ready for storage with our expert folding and bagging procedure!

Safety cover anchors will be cleaned and lowered and circulation equipment and lighting will be reinstalled. The pool system will not only be reassembled, but it will be started up to ensure it is in working order. A shock treatment will also be completed. In addition, deck equipment will be installed and the deck will be power washed.


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Start Up Package: $159 + HST

The Start Up Package, our most economical package, includes reinstalling circulation equipment and lighting and reassembling the pool system. To ensure your pool is ready to be enjoyed, we will start up the system and shock the pool. Deck equipment will also be reinstalled, ready to be enjoyed.


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Storage Bin Included in Every Opening Package!

Regardless of the opening package you choose from Pool Doctors, you will be provided with a storage bin for winterizing your pool’s equipment. This ensures that no part is lost or misplaced to ensure that a smooth closing procedure can take place at the end of summer!

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As we get closer to spring, our technicians’ schedules fill up quickly. Don’t delay – book the Pool Doctors as soon as possible to complete your pool opening. The sooner we get your pool opened, the sooner you and your family can start enjoying your backyard oasis!