Repairs & Upgrades

Are you in the market for new equipment, a pool liner or a cover for your pool? If so, Pool Doctors can provide you with the solution you are looking for!

Equipment and Plumbing

Ensure your pool is always ready for the season ahead by keeping your pool’s equipment and plumbing in good, working order. Pool Doctors will gladly come to your home to complete chemical and equipment checks and to assist you with your pool’s plumbing needs. Whatever type of equipment you need for your pool – from pumps and filters to heaters, Pool Doctors will provide you with only the best, brand name, quality products available on the market.


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Pool Liners

Regardless of whether your pool is inground, aboveground or onground, Pool Doctors has the best selection of liners and liner patterns. Our professional staff will spend quality time with you explaining the choices available and helping you with your liner choice. We will explain step-by-step the liner replacement process and show you why we are the best pool company around when it comes to liner replacement.

We see our pool liner replacement projects through from accurate quote to expert finish. Our years of experience replacing liners are evident when we complete a pool liner replacement in your backyard pool!


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Safety Covers

As enjoyable as pools can be, they can also pose a safety hazard. Protect your pets and loved ones from falling into your pool during the winter by installing a safety cover. Available in a variety of colours and materials, safety covers can be custom designed to fit any pool size or special feature (such as a diving board).

Safety covers also protect your pool from damage during harsh weather conditions and keep unwanted critters and debris from getting into the pool. In addition, they make opening your pool in the spring easier since less algae grows when a safety cover is used. Ask Pool Doctors today about the safety covers that we suggest for your pool!


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Solar Covers

Retain heat and keep your pool easier to maintain by installing a solar cover with Pool Doctors! Not only do solar covers save water and reduce poor chemical consumption, but they also possibly eliminate the need for a solar pool heater! Even if you already use electricity or fossil fuel to warm up your pool, a solar cover would still provide benefits by reducing the heating costs. These reusable, recyclable products do not harm the environment and are available in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Pool Doctors will explain how your pool is measured to get the best fit for your solar cover, as well as how to reap the most benefits from the sun!


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Experience Matters

For the best pool experts around, trust Pool Doctors. With years of experience providing fast, reliable, friendly service as well as quality products, the staff at Pool Doctors have the solution for whatever your pool requires.

Servicing both Halton-Peel and Muskoka-Collingwood regions, Pool Doctors will provide your backyard pool with the best repairs and upgrades available on the market. Call us today to find out more about our products and services!